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Rose Gold Multi-Clip Set

Rose Gold Multi-Clip Set

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Mom, we know it's the digital age, but sometimes you just want to make a mood board or scribble something so you don't forget it. With 4 styles of clips, this glamorous rose gold set can hold all of the paperwork in your workstation. 


Product Details: Includes 4 types of clips (~170 pieces)

- Large clip x6: 1in x 1.9in (25mm x 47mm )

- Small clip x15: 0.7in x 1.4in (18mm x 36mm)

- Paper clip x100: 0.3in x 1.1in (8mm x 29mm)

- Push pin x50: 0.8in x 0.4in x 0.3in (20mm x 10mm x 8mm)

Product Size: 36.6in 36.6in x 22.4in (930mm x 930mm x 570mm)

Product Weight: 7oz (0.2kg)

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