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Small Pink Laptop Bag Set

Small Pink Laptop Bag Set

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Protect your online business’s most valuable asset with this laptop bag that can transform into an ergonomic laptop stand and mouse pad. Slip it into this leather laptop sleeve and rest easy knowing that it’ll be ready-to-go when you get to the coffee shop. When you get there, it turns into a laptop stand, making deep work a breeze. It also comes with a small pouch and a cord organizer. This 3 in 1 laptop bag set is going to be your new best friend!


【Laptop Stand】Transforms into a laptop stand - angle your computer for ideal ergonomics

【3 in 1】Includes small pouch and cord organizers


Material: PU Leather

Product Weight: 12.69 oz (0.36 kg) 

Product Size: 11/12 inch: 12.79 in x 9.44 in (325 mm x 240 mm) 

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